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There are no roads leading to or inside Capurganá, hence no buses or taxis. There are motos springing up around town, however, as well as horse-and-carts. We know a reliable moto-van Santander, we can contact him on request.
Can be bumpy. Particularly unpleasant for cats and landlubbers

Can be bumpy. Particularly unpleasant for cats and landlubbers

by boat 

Most are likely to come in on one of the lanchas from Turbo or Necoclí in Colombia, or Puerto Obaldia in Panama. The smartest way in Colombia is from Necoclí, 45mins-1hr; $60.000. Leaves at 8am. Can (will) be wet and bumpy. The Turbo boats take a little longer but are cheaper and better situated for those connecting from the South (Medellin etc).

Coming in from Acandi, there are several boats per day at the old pier (25-30 mins; $20.000). 

There is a boat connection from Puerto Obaldia (Panama) to Capurganà (45 minutes; last est.. US$13). Remember that when traveling from Panama customs will ask you to show relevant visas and even possibly a medical certificate of yellow fever vaccination.

FEEL FREE will happily arrange any boat trip for you. Visas will be problematic, either way.

by plane 

Capurganá has an airstrip and a mini bus-stop called an airport, from which a company provides charter flights from Medellín. At the time of writing there are two (passenger) flights per week. This is expected to increase for the next high season.

FEEL FREE will happily help arrange flights and any other transport for you.

Searca: provide passenger and cargo flights: +574 444 4232 (only on Mondays and Fridays)

ADA: no longer flies to Capurganá, they fly to Acandí instead: Medellín to Acandi at around 250,000 COP. From Acandí you can catch a boat to Capurganá for 20.000 pesos.